Awesome Delhi Video's

See some of the Delhi Videos chosen by Delhi Guest House to show you glimpse's of life in Delhi. Once in Delhi - you will either love Delhi or hate Delhi. We recommend that you take a back seat and take in the chaos, cacophony of noises and sensory and auditory experiences and then decide. If this is your first time in Delhi, you will be amazed at the pace of life in Delhi.

List of Awesome New Delhi Video's you will love:-

Life in British India - 1930 Delhi Video

- See the old style Indian Sari clad women, the water man carrying water in "Sheepskin" pots, hand pulled old style Rickshaws. Re-live the British Occupation of India in Technicolor. Shot by the legendary Jack Cardiff - the Oscar-winning cinematographer of 'Black Narcissus' - this is one of a number of short films that he made in India in the late 1930s.

Delhi Video of an Afternoon in Old Delhi - Contrast it with the life in 1938

3. Life in 1938 - Video of a Road Trip by Jack Cardiff

- Things to notice are the contrasting ways of life - The Maharaja being carried in His Canopied Palaki, followed by his Un-Canopied Maharani. The Road side "Bullock Cart Stop" and the Circus, show rarely shown footage of a Bygone Era.

4. Old Delhi Eateries Video

- Love the ways of Old Delhi Road side eateries.

5. Delhi Metro - Smooth Ride Video

6. India as a Business Destination

7. Incredible India Video